Drake 1 - AIM Buddy Icons


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AIM Buddy Icons

All of the most recent versions of AOL Instant Messenger give users the ability to put up a small picture at the bottom of their IM windows, known as a Buddy Icon. Here's an icon for every Duck and Saurian in the show, all trimmed to exact size and ready to use. More to come soon!

wingicon.jpg (2730 bytes)diveicon.jpg (3284 bytes)dukeicon.jpg (2793 bytes)grinicon.jpg (2511 bytes)malicon.jpg (2434 bytes)tanyaicon.jpg (3059 bytes)canardicon.jpg (2323 bytes)

wraithicon.jpg (2917 bytes)chamelicon.jpg (3087 bytes)dragaunusicon.jpg (2852 bytes)seigeicon.jpg (2818 bytes)

    In order to set up your buddy icon, simply right-click on an icon above, and select 'save picture as...' Next, start up AIM and under the My AIM list, pull up your preferences by selecting Edit Options, then Edit Preferences. On the left is a category for buddy icons. Click on the button to browse your PC, then simply find and click on the saved buddy icon file from the site. Now you're ready to go!

Note: While you're free to use these icons on AIM as you wish, please refrain from copying my collection and offering it on your website. It took a lotta work to make these! Thanks.

Drake 1 - AIM Buddy Icons