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Official Press

Below is a list of links to .txt documents that were officially released by Disney. Intended to be informational press releases, they were never printed out in magazines, but were available to those in the media who received a MD:TAS press kit from Disney, and to those who visited the now long-defunct official MD:TAS website on Disney's page.

The Mighty Ducks Lineup and Good Guys

Fast Facts: Mighty Ducks-The Animated Series

Intergalactic Hockey-Playing Superhero Ducks?!?!

Mighty Ducks, the Backstory, A.K.A. the Mask of Drake DuCaine

About the Producers

The Mighty Ducks' Mighty Foes

Ian Zierring, Jim Belushi, Dennis Franz and Tim Curry Quack it Up in Walt Disney Television Animation's Cool New Series: 'Mighty Ducks'

'The Players', About the Voices

'90210' Hearthrob Turns Hero in 'Mighty Ducks'

These documents are copyrighted by Disney, and are their property

Media Articles

Coming soon: Transcripts of other press the Ducks have received through Disney and TV magazines.

Official Press