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Other Fandoms

No fanfiction writer is an island, and so I've forayed into other fandoms with my stories. These are not part of the Dragon Chronicles, and most don't contain any of my original characters. Stories are listed by genre, and then in the order of youngest to oldest. Click on the bd21295_.gif (899 bytes) for an illustration, and enjoy!

iz_logo.gif (33511 bytes)

NEW! Stitches Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Dib finally accomplishes his mission in capturing Zim and turning him over to the Swollen Eyeball for studies. But can he actually witness the torturous demise of his worst enemy?

cowboybebop.jpg (40527 bytes)

Rhapsody in Blue- Takes place immediately after the events of the series finale. Spike wakes up... or so he thinks.

GGundamlogo.jpg (10128 bytes)
(G Gundam)

In Progress! The Wildcard, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4- The 13th Gundam Fight Tournament is in full swing, and Neo-American Chibodee Crocket must fight the mysterious Roaring Gundam. Why does its dragon pilot have no nation to fight for? And why does she bear a crest on her hand?bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

jack.jpg (14211 bytes)

In Progress! Beast of Burdens- The Samurai meets a strange animal as he travels through the desert. As the creature mourns for its past, Jack can't help but think that it may have a future with him.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

p14.jpg (32160 bytes)

Tomorrow Comes Today: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5- Cross-listed with the same fic on the Ducks page. A Ducks/Gorillaz crossover.

The Haunted Fish Tank- Winner of 5th place honorable mention in the Gorillaz official fanfiction contest. Murdoc is haunted by an insidious past deed.

Inner Demons: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4- Was is just an accident, or did Murdoc attempt suicide? Either way, the band will never be the same.

EdsTitle.gif (8720 bytes)

In Progress! A Warm Cup of Gravy- Double D has a fever, and his parents are away. Will Ed and Eddy be able to take care of him, without needing a doctor themselves?

NEW! ChiropractED- Rolf wrenches his back again, and without any other kids to scam, Eddy comes up with a surprisingly not-so-hopeless scheme.

ReprimandED- A sequel to the episode "My Fair Ed". Why does Edd always get punished for the actions of his friends? He's fed up with it, and confronts his cohorts.

Of Eds and Consequences- Co-authored by Kat. The Eds try to apologize to Rolf for the events in the episode "Wish You Were Ed", and some unlikely scheming ensues!

A Bad Day: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Eddy attacks Double D out of the blue, leaving all three Eds with some very tough questions to answer.

logo-timesquad.gif (2906 bytes)

Orphan Again, Part 1 and Part 2- Cental Command finds out about Otto, and they're not happy. How will Otto accept life as an orphan once more?

"Buck"- An introspective piece showing a side of Tudrussel rarely hinted at on-air.


Original Fiction

Well, here's the little section where all of my original works are going to go. Most of them will be based around my characters used in The Dragon Chronicles series, but who knows what'll pop up here in the future. Enjoy!

NEW! Contact- Silver wakes up one summer night in the Den, to find that everyone's not sleeping very soundly.

In Progress! Vindicated- Zelda's home for a moment to relax, but can find little peace when her fellow leaders start to question her work on the outside.



Original Poetry

Not an artist, not a poet either. Why the hell did I put this stuff here anyway?

NEW! Feel- This is definitely Zelda's.

NEW! Abandon- Written from someone's point of view. I don't know.

No Blaze of Glory- More weird poetry stuff. Maybe it's about Zelda, maybe not.

Waiting- Inspired by heavy doses of Radiohead and Pink Floyd. Is it just me or does the shape of this poem look like something? I didn't intend it that way, it's all in the formatting. Creepy.

Crazy- More song lyric-ky than a poem.

Couldn't Say- One big long apology. I think.

Fanfiction - Other Fandoms