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Your favorite punchlines, wacky takes, and threats of world destruction, all in a downloadable format! These are all .wav files, and are in .zip format to make them faster on your modem and easier on your hard drive. They are organized by character, with combos and related sounds below. Enjoy!


"Oh faboo, I haven't been in a life threatening situation for, oh I don't know, TEN SECONDS?!"

"Whoa, this is blowin' my mind, Daddy-O man!"

"Oh great, here it comes, they're going to tar and de-feather us for disturbing the BOREDOM!"

"Looks like somebody needs to go back to driver's ed!"

"Snooza-palooza girly girl!"

"I like a wild goose chase as much as the next duck..."

"Humans are such a bunch of---- Ooooh! People."

"I know, I saw that episode, go on."

"We're talkin' mega jumbo jerk-o supremes with double cheese!"

"If you ask me man, this place has all the neccessities of life."

"Man, love isn't blind, it's totally out to lunch!"

"Mighty Ducks! We take a knockin' and keep rockin'!"

"Wow, did this guy ever burn out on re-entry."

"Don't start with me, I've had a seriously ROUGH NIGHT!"

"We've gotta get outta here man, this place is like Spook City!"

"Man, something just tells me I just stepped into a big fat trap-ola!"

"Man-o y Duck-o, that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it."


"Worst karma I ever saw."

"Pain is an illusion... an illusion that really really hurts!"


"Ducks rock!"

"That could be a little tricky!"


"Hey, take it easy, you could put someone's eye out with that thing! I should know."

"Oh really? Well firepower is no match for FEATHERPOWER!"

"Relax goomba, there's nothing you can't tell a duck about flyin'!"

"I might have a little larceny left in me."

"I'll handle these rookies."


"Ducks, battle gear!"

"Punch it, Nosedive!"


"I'd like to think of myself as daringly different."

"Oh nonono, I'd rather eat a bowl of worms."


"Nothing can stop me now!"


Duke and Nosedive argue about age

"Hakuna Matatta-ta!" "Oh please..."--Nosedive and Grin

"Ducks ROCK!"--The whole team

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The Theme Song, in German!

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