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Episode Guide

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series consists of 26 original episodes. For a complete synopsis of each, click on the title below. Note: These are listed in the rough order that they were aired. Since a set of 13 episodes was released in a staggered format between two networks, and then switched, there is no official airdate order.

The First Face-Off (Part 1)

The First Face-Off (Part 2)

Take Me to Your Leader

Phil in the Blank

A Traitor Among Us

Mad Quacks from Beyond the Hockeydome

The Human Factor

Beak to the Future

Dungeons and Ducks


Zap Attack

Bringing Down Baby

Power Play

Beaks Vs. B.R.A.W.N.

Buzz Blitzman- Mighty Duck!

The Iced Ducks Cometh

Mondo Man

Jurassic Puck

To Catch A Duck

The Return of Asteroth

Duck Fiction

The Return of Dr. Droid

The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt

Duck Hard

Monster Rally

The Final Face-Off

If I can ever finish all of the episode summaries, I'll try my hand at transcripting them, and will offer them here.

Episode Guide