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Copyright 2002

Mighty Ducks - The Dragon Chronicles

Trapped on an alien planet, the Mighty Ducks face a long and hard war against their arch enemy Dragaunus, and all earthly forms of evil. They have an ally in Zelda, a dragon who left her duties as a leader of her clan to rebel against the threat of Saurian rule. But it will take something more to save Earth from the fate of Puckworld.

These stories are listed from newest to oldest. Unlike many fanfics, mine don't take place in any sort of alternate universe. If you know the show, you'll know the stories. They're generally non-sequential, and stick to the characters as portrayed in the original cartoon. Some stories may contain fanfiction characters that are not mine. For information on them, consult their profiles on the Fan Characters page. Enjoy!

Click on the bd21295_.gif (899 bytes) for illustrations!

In Progress! Mistaken Masks- Halloween is the perfect time for the Saurians to spring a new trap.

In Progress! A Midsummer Night's Scheme- The Ducks, a la Shakespeare! Complete with a translation for the Elizabethean-English impared.

NEW! Letting the Cables Sleep: Part 1- Wildwing thinks he's found a way to rescue Canard from dimensional limbo. But will he risk everything he's worked for to do so?

NEW! Staccato: an insomnia-ridden Duke reflects to the beat of a dripping sink faucet

Advanced Robotics: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Tanya invents a holographic droid to help the Ducks fight their enemies. But is it too accurate?

In Progress! Survivor: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4- If you thought the game show was bad, wait until a few Ducks get the stranded treatment.

Complaints- A quirky little fanfic. Just what's going on here? Nosedive isn't too happy with a certain fanfiction writer...

Tomorrow Comes Today: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5- The Pond hosts concerts all of the time, but when the Gorillaz rock the house, the Saurians decide to join the party. A Ducks/Gorillaz crossover.

A Beginning- This story was actually written a while back, and posted on Now, you can read Zelda's origin story here too.

Flash Fire: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Fighting crime is one thing, fighting a natural disaster is something entirely different.

9/11- Had to do it. The Ducks live through the events of September 11th. How do they handle it?

Tears for What's Unsaid- Something's happened, and Zelda won't stop crying. But is there anything the team can do?

Trap Doors- The Ducks have changed a lot thanks to their time on earth. Each member reflects.

The Bad Guy- A bitter little introspective from a different point of view: Dragaunus's.

Good Intentions: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6- An old Saurian war-tool resurfaces from Puckworld's past. Will the team have to sacrifice Zelda and Nosedive, to save them from a life of slavery?

Mechanical Life 2- Co-authored by Deadeye, as a sequel to the original 'Mechanical Life'. Deadeye and the Ducks go another round with their cross-dimensional rivals.

Broken- Co-authored by Gretchen. Gretchen goes into a coma after a fight, but the real nightmare doesn't start until she awakens.

The Light: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4-  A mysterious force is pushing the team to the brink of death, over and over again. Can they stop it before they succumb?

A Guardian's Place- A short, first-person story about Zelda in her post-Ducks life.

Blind Leading the Blind- Wildwing and the team are forced to cope when he's temporarily disabled.

Shockwave: Part 1 and Part 2- Dragaunus has brought his earthquake generator back with a vengance.

Revelations- A sequel to 'The Trial' and a prequel to 'The Spiritfall Saga'. The hardships of her trial, and losing Canard again, bring Zelda to a few confessions.

Magic and the Labyrinth: Part 1, and Part 2- The Ducks are trapped in a mystical realm, and the only way out is to defeat an elite group of warriors. A Ducks/X-Men crossover.

The Spiritfall Saga Part 4- A Harder Heart- Dragaunus catches the Ducks in mourning.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The Spiritfall Saga Part 3- Spiritfall- Driven to the edge, Zelda abandons everything in a desperate attempt for normalcy.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The Spiritfall Saga Part 2- A Torn Land- Zelda returns home to a crisis that the Ducks can't seperate themselves from, no matter how much they want to.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The Spiritfall Saga Part 1- Crossing the Line- Dragaunus changes targets, and hits Zelda too close to home.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

Trial and Error- Zelda's taken to court, in dimensional limbo. Find out the meaning of Saurian justice, and just how Zelda picked her battle with them in the first place.

Checkmate- One of the smartest gamers in the world decides to spar off against the Ducks.

Song of Angels- Co-authored by Deadeye, and about what happens when you mix love, brotherhood, and chaos together.

From the Egg- Wraith calls up an ancient spirit to crush a few eggs from a stubborn brood.

Mechanical Life- The Ducks travel to a future dimension, to find drastic changes and a surprising ally. Completed with help from Deadeye.

The Experiment- Dr. Pretorius is back, with a mind to gather some more 'data'.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

Celebrity Deathmatch- An episode of the popular MTV claymation show, with a few bouts for the Ducks!

DIB: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4- When the Men in Black try to register the Ducks as aliens, the team ends up in the middle of an intergalactic war. A Ducks/MIB crossover

The Rematch: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5- The Ducks pay another visit to Licktenstamp, and get in over their heads.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

Lies, Waking Nightmares, and a Fugitive: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Falcone breaks out of jail, in the mood for serious revenge.

A Matter of Trust: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Zelda turns terrified of Duke, and her fellow leaders believe she has good reason.

The Mark: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Dragaunus recruits a band of elite Saurian assassins, to stir up trouble for the Ducks.

Kiddies: Part 1, and Part 2- The Ducks get a severe case of the terrible twos.

The Ducks That Got Away- Based on an episode of Batman and Robin. The rouges gallery gets together to chat and play some cards.

Shared Enemies: Part 1, and Part 2- A (live action) Ducks/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover.

The GKR Factor: Part 1, and Part 2- A Ducks/Project G.eeK.eR. crossover with a surprise ending.

Stone Cold: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Dragaunus steals a book of spells, using it to transform the Ducks into a pack of gothic demons. A Ducks/Gargoyles crossover.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

Purple Dragon Syndrome: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3- Co-authored by Quacker Jax. Zelda refuses to help Wraith fight a deadly sickness, only to come down with it herself.

Hurricane: Part 1, and Part 2- A rare west-coast hurricane catches the city of Anaheim unawares.

The Regathering: Part 1, and Part 2- Zelda finds a powerful stone that belonged to her ancestors, and Wraith can't wait to get his claws on it.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The Great Secret, and Part 2- Dragaunus rebuilds his Master Tower in the middle of Tibet, with sinister plans for its use.

The Drug: Part 1, and Part 2- Dragaunus tries to defeat the Ducks with a different tactic.

Tanyazoid!- A few stray keystrokes on Drake 1, and Tanya winds up in a world of trouble. A Ducks/Freakazoid! crossover.

To Watch the Fall: Part 1, and Part 2- Is Wildwing fated to suffer the same end as Canard? Finished with help from Kelly.

Mirages- The Saurians attack, and Zelda disappears. But the Ducks are too busy battling a giant beast to notice, or to figure out where she is.

Bothers: Part 1 and Part 2- The Ducks are spending the night in Denver, when their sleep is broken by thousands of tiny robots, programmed to hunt and destroy.

The Trade: Part 1, and Part 2- Co-authored by Erin. Can Phil be conned into trading Duke? How will the Duck handle life away from the Pond?

The Sands of Bastet- The Ducks get lost in an Egyptian tomb, and wind up in a game of cat-and-mouse.

So Comes Fate, Unmerciful- The Ducks find themselves in a future world that has been turned on its head. But not everything is as it seems.

Of Pain and Decision: Part 1, and Part 2- Co-authored by Gretchen. Nosedive is taken hostage by the Greek godess of pain. How can the Ducks fight the immortal?

Legends of Stone: Part 1, and Part 2- Wraith turns an ancient legend loose to create a deathtrap in the ruins of an old castle.

Youth: Part 1, and Part 2- Co-authored by Laura and Gretchen. Dragaunus turns some of the team back into babies. What plans does he have for the tykes?

The Duck with the Silver Mask: Part 1, and Part 2- Stivz is a strange Duck who wears a mask just like Wildwing. Why has he come to Anaheim now?

Loss- A poem to mark the abrupt end to the 96-97 season for the hockey team.

Stray- Not all animals are as friendly as they seem.

Mind or No Mind- Co-authored by Gretchen. Dragaunus captures the minds of the team, and it's up to Duke to break the spell.

Inner Differences- A spell splits Zelda's soul into good and evil halves. Can the team reunite her before time runs out, and her body dies?

Honor and Fear- Honor, strengh, pride, and courage prove as vital as life itself.

The Second Period- An animated take on the events during a break in a real Ducks hockey game.

Full Moon: Part 1, and Part 2- A simple evening in the woods can turn deadly when a full moon hangs high.

One or the Other- Nosedive's deadly accident makes the team realize just how precious life is.

The Shapeshifter- Dragaunus brings a morphing ifrite to life, causing havoc for the Ducks.

To Forget and Forgive- Dragaunus wipes Grin's memory, turning him against the Ducks.

A Pond Divided- One of Zelda's clan attacks the Ducks. But are his reasons justified, and how will Zelda handle it?

Trying Times- Tanya and Zelda are taken captive, and have to rely on each other to survive.

In the Wake- Wildwing takes a moment to reflect on his friend Canard.

Another Side of the Negaverse- Zelda and her fellow leaders have some nasty counterparts in another dimension. A Ducks/Darkwing Duck crossover.

The Deepest of Waters- A sequel to "The Final Face-Off". The team moves in for the final blow against Dragaunus, but Mallory and Zelda end up captured.

A Wilder Side of the Ice- Nosedive's day trip to the mountains gets frozen over by the Saurians.

Where the Battle Rages- The Ducks don't just face villains off-ice.

The Great De-evolution- Dragaunus constructs a de-evolution ray, and his first target is Zelda.

The Lure of the Saurian- Dragaunus knows that Zelda is actually of the Saurian blood line.

Jump the Gun: Part 1, and Part 2- Dragaunus discovers a way to turn the Ducks' weapons against them, leading to a dangerous battle in the Raptor.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The One Weakness- A sequel to "Mondo Man", featuring the return of the notorious ducktonite.bd21295_.gif (899 bytes)

The Impossible Dream- Is Zelda truly dead?

Sacrifice- An injury puts Grin on the bench, and into Dragaunus's evil plans.

Friendly Fire- Dragaunus recruits some new allies in his fight against the Ducks. A Ducks/numerous WB cartoons crossover.

The Crystal of Ix- Dragaunus discovers an ancient crystal that spells disaster for Zelda and the Ducks.

Stranded- An ambush on the Aerowing leaves Duke and Zelda to fend for themselves on a mountainside, right before a blizzard hits.

The Mighty Ducks- The premiere of The Dragon Chronicles. Dragaunus steals a generator from a water filtering plant, leading to a dangerous battle in the belly of the Raptor.

All stories above are my property, and were not posted here to be placed in the public domain. If you're interested in archiving them, please contact me first.

Fanfiction - The Dragon Chronicles