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There's no better way to spruce up a boring desktop or webpage background than a few new wallpaper designs. Have a gander at those below!

wallpaper_1.jpg (62816 bytes)wallpaper_2.jpg (66600 bytes)wallpaper_3.jpg (60097 bytes)

Note: For the wallpaper directly above, click on the thumbnail for the full image.

How to use: Want these images all over your desktop? First, right-click on the wallpaper of your choice, and select 'save picture as...' to save it on your computer. Next, right-click on an empty spot of your desktop, and select Properties. Here, you can choose your wallpaper by hitting Browse, then clicking on the image file you saved. Enjoy!

Note: These wallpapers aren't mine, they were made by Disney.

Drake 1 - Wallpapers