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Original Art

This page houses my contribution to the art world, as unprofessional as it may be. From the characters you know and love, to those exclusive to The Dragon Chronicles, they're all here. From oldest to newest, they are posted top-down. Needless to say, these pictures are property of myself. Please do not use them without my permission. Click on thumbnails for the full size pics, and enjoy!

Choose your genre:

My first-priority passion, ranging from doodles to life restorations and scientific illustrations.

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
All Ducks-related art, as well as illustrations for my Dragon Chronicles fanfiction.

My attempt at fanart for one of the coolest bands out there.

The Territory
Dragons, lions, eagles, and griffons in full form. Includes studies, sketches, notes, and illustrations.

Everything else! Who knows where I come up with this stuff, anyway?


Original Art