Profiles - Duke L'Orange


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Duke L'Orange

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Number: 13

Position: Center

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Shoots: Right

The eldest member of the team, Duke's chipped beak and patched right eye are traces of a past on the wrong side of the law. On Puckworld, Duke was a cat burgalar, and the leader of the notorious Brotherhood of the Blade gang. Once Dragaunus invaded the planet, he kept on stealing, only he raided Saurian supply depots to help get food to those in need. Living by a code of laidback chivalry, Duke has a penchant for style and finesse, as well as a heavy Brooklyn accent.

Duke's weapon of choice is a retractable golden foil, the duck sabre, that he keeps on his left shoulder. The blade is strong enough to slice through just about anything, and the hilt can be used as a grappling hook, with its retractable cord inside. Like a true gentleman, Duke would never use his sabre to strike at a living opponent, unless it were to disarm them. He also carries an assortment of smoke and bola pucks in the strap across his chest, and is a reliable shot with a pucklauncher. Duke also has a grappling hook built into the com unit on his right wrist. Going for agility and stealth, Duke wears no armor at all, just a purple jumpsuit with lightweight boots.

Being the oldest on the team comes in handy on the ice, where Duke centers Mallory and Nosedive, the team's two youngest. His leadership and discipline make up for any lack of speed or energy, as he likes to trail offensive plays in order to surprise goalies from the back of the offensive zone. Also the largest and heaviest of the offensive line, he will throw his weight around if he has to.

Jeff Bennet on Duke: "He's like Tony Danza with a sword-- a real Brooklyn duck, He's been around the pond a few times and has a great hairdoo. We don't look alike except for our hair."

Profiles - Duke L'Orange